Our Core Belief

We believe in innovative ideas, rapid implementation and agile development. The mission has never been clearer, to undertake the simple and most complex innovations starts with the right culture and attitude. it is our responsibility to aim as high as possible as the future unveils.

These are really exciting times, ideas are shaping the day and remaking tomorrow. We share this passion, it is exactly what makes us who we are. Our wide range of projects and subsidy companies, from Innovative Creative Entrepreneurs, Witty Insights, PrimeFx, etc make us a continuously evolving company. Enquire for so much more,

Our experience

Entrepreneurship – 7 years
Project Management – 5 years
Agile Development – 3 years
Marketing & Publicity – 2 years

Our Mission

Entrepreneurs LaunchPad

As our many years experience in entrepreneurship can foretell, we have a strong passion to bootcamp other entrepreneurs out there, to realise their idea into reality.

Industry Level Projects

Nothing gets us excited as mega projects that span across society development spectrum, from Universities, Parastatals, Millennium Development Goals, Climate Change, we have open ears, and eager hands to play our mega roles

Web & App Development

it is inevitable the future is all about apps, mobile first approach, the next generation wants information and services delivered as fast as possible, we are together in building this new revolution

Subsidiary Companies

Witty Skills, its a platform for the current generation to explore ideas, concepts and talents to the benefit of human kind.

There are many subsidies of Witty Skills, its a parent company launching other subsidy companies, start ups, products and services

More Projects

Gadget Inn Films

Video & Film Production, All the videos we produced since 2010 covering Entertainment, Co-operate events, Adverts and various latest Media under our in house studio – Gadget Inn Films

Prime FX

Graphic Design, Animation, Product Modelling, the latest in cutting edge industrial and commercial computer aided design. From the simple flyers, adverts, motion picture to the advanced product prototyping.


As leading Technology enthusiasts, we present our curated news feed of latest news and insights on a broad scale, keeping you in touch not only with the latest but relevant and useful information

Global Link

Linking the talented and prepared individuals in our database to global opportunities, as the saying goes, the world is bigger than the village, when information and resources are shared, efficiency is achieved greatly by attaining the best resources

ICT Consultancy

We provide the best virtual support to different Information and Technology users, from the everyday average consumer to the large scale cooperations and institutes on how to get the best out of ICT

Witty Insights

Research & Development – Ideas and concepts on current and upcoming unique products, amusing ideas, apps, games, and even latest research on human psychology. Our research is all about what will make the future brighter

Featured Portfolio

Research & development separates us from the rest, We are always on the edge bringing out new ideas, with our abilities and results well represented in our portfolio.

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The successful stories, which really show, we have come a long way

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Volunteered Projects

Spreading a positive impact is the essence of our existence,

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Charity Outreach

We believe in giving back to the community, blessed to bless others

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Featured Projects

The founder is the kid who talked about millennium bug at 10 years old. Passion in innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship is the extreme kind.

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