Our mission

We believe in the pure bliss of enjoying the world whilst changing it for the better, our belief in skills which are in people results in endless possibilities, core results based in bringing out the best always.

Core goals

  • Turning ideas into reality, continuos innovation.

  • Entrepreneurial environment incubating ideas.

  • Providing custom solutions to our clients.

  • Creativity to boost diverse industries.

  • Aim towards a brighter future.

Our experience

Entrepreneurship - 7 years
Project Management - 5 years
Agile Development - 3 years
Marketing & PR - 2 years

What we are good at

Our back ground is deeply rooted in Computers and technology, that is our chief corner stone, we are using these special tools of the 21st century to benefit human kind in every way.


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Gadget Inn Films

Video & Film Production, All the videos we produced since 2010 covering Entertainment, Co-operate events, Adverts and various latest Media under our in house studio – Gadget Inn Films

Prime FX

Graphic Design, Animation, Product Modelling, the latest in cutting edge industrial and commercial computer aided design. From the simple flyers, adverts, motion picture to the advanced product prototyping.


As leading Technology enthusiasts, we present our curated news feed of latest news and insights on a broad scale, keeping you in touch not only with the latest but relevant and useful information

Global Link

Linking the talented and prepared individuals in our database to global opportunities, as the saying goes, the world is bigger than the village, when information and resources are shared, efficiency is achieved greatly by attaining the best resources

ICT Consultancy

We provide the best virtual support to different Information and Technology users, from the everyday average consumer to the large scale cooperations and institutes on how to get the best out of ICT

Witty Insights

Research & Development – Ideas and concepts on current and upcoming unique products, amusing ideas, apps, games, and even latest research on human psychology. Our research is all about what will make the future brighter

Some of our clients

We serve clients in more than ten countries, our project portfolio is constantly increasing, our expansion is reaching world wide with representatives in almost all continents, we have worked with Universities, Parastatals and Government offices.

Number of individual clients has passed the thousand mark. Many private organisations and Viewers of some of our work has passed hundred thousand and keeps increasing.

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