picture of witty skills founder

Liberty Tazvivinga


An Entrepreneur in Computers & Business with research in psychology is passionately combining all that to bring technological, innovative disruptive solutions

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Kevin Tazvivinga


Constantly evolving being whose wide array of modern professional skills are mostly unconventionally self-taught & perfected through experience.

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Valentine Harare


North America & Canada

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Elia Anjara Mandresey


Southern Africa And Madagascar

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Zakaria Benmouais


North Africa & Sahara Region

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Senaniso Ndebele


The United Kingdom Region

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Praise Runyowa


Middle Africa Region

Increase Ripple of Innovation, fuel tomorrow

Witty by definition is to be clever, creative, intelligent, humorous, original and ingenious. Skills being the ability to do something well with great expertise, sums up the definition of Witty Skills, its a platform for the current generation to explore ideas, concepts and talents to the benefit of human kind.

There are many subsidies of Witty Skills, its a parent company launching other companies, start ups, products and services. Representing Witty Skills means you will get all information from its subsidies and you can spread the news & opportunities to your contacts, an incredible chance to be part of something big. Write us a message, indicating how you can represent Witty Skills in your area, we will be glad to hear from you

Many ways you can join us:
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  2. Participate in current and upcoming projects

  3. Partner with us on your idea / project / company

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  5. Get exclusive chance to invest in any of our projects at mature stage

When projects start to grow big, we invite other capable participants who can equally work with us and retain just as great competitiveness as part of the team. We love working with people, everyday we hear great stories from past clients and participants, which keeps inspiring us.

When ever there is an opportunity that you can join as an active participant, we will be glad to invite you. Go ahead and write us a message indicating the main skills that you can bring

You have a great idea that you want the world to see, want to turn your dreams into reality, or you already have a project that you are working on and need a hand. The great team at Witty Skills with a big scope of latest knowledge and developments on all latest trends in most industries will be eagerly waiting to partner and co work with you on your idea, project or company.

We love such opportunities, its always a pleasure to see people who believe in us, walk through the door and partner with us. Go ahead and send a message, all information is kept private and confidential with legally biding non-disclosure agreements. We are the next generation professionals

Subscribing to Witty Skills NewsPie is the best way to keep informed on all developments and news from all sectors and departments. All updates are carefully selected and written in a compelling, motivating and informative way by the NewsPie Team

You will be the first to know latest opportunities that span from career development, life & psychology insights, new Witty Skills companies, start ups, projects and developments, exclusive chance to invest before everyone else and above all be the one in the loop before the news get published for the rest of the world.

As you believe in us, we take it as an owe to keep you impressed. Subscribe to Witty Skills NewsPie Now

Investors are a big part of our engine, we have made it this far because of investors who have not seen anything else except the remarkable wits and will that we have to change the world. It is true to say we have come a long way, which has been smoothened by investors. Its amazing to see how this journey to make the future brighter is constantly unfolding, an utter experience of a life time indeed.

Investing to make the future brighter surpasses all other forms of investments in many ways, this is a chance to be part of something bigger than oneself. Its great to change lives and shape the future by consistently spreading a positive impact on the current generation.We call it the ripple of innovation, the fuel of tomorrow.

We will post most of our investment opportunities on kick-starter and indie-gogo campaigns, and send you exclusive links once they go live. Go ahead and send us a message, detailing how you want to invest in us, it will be an investment of a life time, changing lives of the next generation for the better

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