Artist Madzitateguru using his voice to change the world



Artist SoProfound knows his ways with his voice

Munya the Guitarist


in his early days, Munya uses guitar to express his classic music


CUT Arts Department.


Promoting Arts


Various Artiste From Art Department & Liberty (Witty Skills)

Life in itself is just but a breeze, said a particular Artist, full of striking imagination, we totally love the Arts, they bring life to Life, there is nothing unimaginable when it comes to artistic minds, which is why they go hand in hand with creativity and entrepreneurship, from time to time we promote upcoming artiste and market their work to a larger audience

We are proud to say some of the Artist we work with have grown to become national and international icons, some have partnered with Germans, wait a minute, combine the excellence of German engineering and an African Artist, one can only imagine the outcome. Some are now hosting radio talk shows on national radios and some continue to mesmerise countless audiences as the journey of an artist never ends. Witty Skills is proud to be part of such remarkable talented people.