• CZM & Witty SKills Founders

    CZM & Witty SKills Founders

    CZM & Witty SKills Founder Libertythebest

  • CZM Committee

    CZM Committee

    CZM Committee


CZM Children’s home and Orphanage


Technical & Technology Consultant


Hon. Rev. Canon L.T. Muyambi and Mrs Muyambi (Founder & Owner CZM) Liberty (Witty Skills)

CZM which is an acronym using the local language Chita Chezvipo Zve Moto meaning a vast of gifts or talents with fire, interpreting to mean a place where great skills are amplified like a raging fire to benefit the society and community at large.

Witty Skills founder has close relations with CZM Founder Hon. Rev. Canon L.T. Muyambi, throughout 2012 and 2013, consistent technical operations and assistance were done for the missionary, up to this day, it remains a project in our hearts to see the missionary school succeed.