Every entrepreneur remembers where the journey started from, the small venture that turned out to be too big for itself that it grew exponentially, for us, our story started with Gadget Inn, back in 2009-2010 era, soon after the World recession, and economic turmoil, Gadget Inn sprung from the back of our minds into life.

As economy situation started to recover in 2008, we had lots of ideas in technology, by virtue of being bona fide entrepreneurs, a business venture started by early 2009, retailing gadgets, softwares and repairing computers, our services increased within a short period of time to bring video production and animation. We partnered with other companies working together for bigger clients. By 2011 we adopted Apple technology which was on the boom in the market, pioneering mobile solutions and understanding android and Microsoft, all this buzz resulted in an entrepreneurial trajectory that has resulted in this much larger Witty Skills.


Gadget INN.


Gadget Direct Supply, Retail, Consulting and Consumer Driven Delivery of Technology


Liberty (Witty Skills) Kevin (PrimeFx)