Gadget Inn Films.


Video Production


Kevin (PrimeFx) Liberty (WittySkills)

When Gadget INN kept expanding, video production skills became a fundamental aspect to a much larger picture for our continuous growth, This project started in 2008 and become fully matured in 2011 when we mastered professional skill set for great international standard videos, we are proud to be one of the first companies to pioneer mobile video production. When the iPad2 came out in 2011 it was a master piece for most of our work and we are glad to see most of the world is now catching up to mobile centric video production which we started in 2011, its awesome.

Gadget Inn films contracts have surpassed hundreds of clients, produced thousands of DVDs and now holds close to a half a terabyte worth of content, we estimate viewers of our content to be above ten thousand locally. Our productions are not limited to a certain genre, we do anything that inspires us or brings a new perspective in our imaginative thinking. From Gadget Inn Films came creative arts which is now PrimeFx, all these projects resulted in lots of social interactions that brought a bigger picture of Witty Skills into place.