Gokwe Primary School, one of the main schools in the town, the oldest and has majority of students and teachers, is a good niche to empower much of the town with tools needed in the delivery of education, that is where technology comes best into place.

Witty Skills in early 2013, presented to this school, the different ways in which it can adopt technology to maximise the delivery of education. Most teachers were amazed and appreciated the better approach. They need tools which can help in scheming students curricula, get a better board other than the old chalk board, which they can easily visualise information to the class. Witty Skills presented simple technologies that much to the benefit of the school, aided towards a better teaching environment and curricula implementation. Click here to watch the video.


Gokwe Primary School.


Using Technology In the Delivery of Education


Primary School Teachers, Headmaster & Liberty (Witty Skills)