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Good Shepherd Children’s Home


Outreach to Orphans in Chinhoyi, Zimbabwe


Cut Christian Union, Mr L. Govere.(Compassion Ministry), Liberty (Witty Skills)

.In Chinhoyi area, Zimbabwe the place where the second revolution started, when Zimbabwe soldiers claimed independence, exist an orphanage home and pre school called Good Shepherd, Christian Union Compassion Ministry reached out in 2012.

The Christian union students donated some funds and bought food and basic living items, giving the established home so as to continue its sustenance, Witty Skills, which under its Gadget Inn Films was there all the way, playing the role of documenting and producing reach out promotions, we believe in such great notions, giving back to society and always reaching out to the less privileged and in need, empowering them with skills so as to better equip them to build a better life.