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Shunemite Academic Trust Colleges of Education


Partnership – Company Technical Operations


Mrs M Meda, (Co-founder), Mr A Marekera (Co-Founder)  Liberty (Witty Skills)


Many students want to study in China, the next big economy, Witty Skills partnered with Satco, an agency services provider to make the transition into China easier for students and those in prospectus. Partnership started late in 2014 and results were in by early 2015 as produced adverts were broadcasted on Tv.

Witty Skills using its web development and design team, takes hold of the Director of technical operations for the company, which is posed to bring hundreds of students into China by the end of first quarter in 2016. We are just as eager as this company to give chances to many people the ability to gain new skills and experience international exposure, which is why we are so proud of this partnership.