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Promoting Women Development Programs


Ms M Chivhenge (Ladies Ministry) Liberty (Witty Skills)

It is without doubt women empowerment is of utter importance in the long run of community development, which is why we take women development programs seriously, by Targeting the young in high school and University, who are still eager to learn useful skills in career and life skills, we empower the next generation of women leaders and business owners.

This is exactly the effort we continuously do at Witty Skills, after many years of entrepreneurial experience, we realised there are a lot of talented girls out there who need a hand to lift their skills ahead, many get disadvantaged due to lack of exposure and opportunity but when Witty Skills comes in, the stage is set for success.

  • women in action

    women in action

    Supporting women development programs

  • Cheers from men supporting women empowerment

    men supporting

    In a church, men giving support