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What is Witty Skills ?

Witty by definition is to be clever, creative, intelligent, humorous, original and ingenious. Skills being the ability to do something well with great expertise, sums up the definition of Witty Skills, its a platform for the current generation to explore ideas, concepts and talents to the benefit of human kind. It is a parent company with many other subsidy companies, launching different start ups in different industries with diverse interests.

What is the main goal ?

Main goal is to use collective wits and skills to continuously shape the future. These are exciting times, for the first time in human history, the ability to shape the future is laid in capable hands. Identifying the great skills in people, sharpening them and working together towards a common goal, we can achieve a whole lot more.

What is the role of a Witty Skills representer ?

A representer is not an employee but someone who is capable of fully representing our company and what it stands for. Authorised representers will receive information on all Witty Skills projects, start ups, subsidy companies and services, the information is meant to educate the community, market, find customers/clients, identify charity outreach, volunteer projects, recruit talented people with skills that need to be launched for the world to see. We believe there are talented people out there, who just need a helping hand,benefit the community, earn a living or just to inspire others for non-profit. As entrepreneurs it is our passion to do that. We will be glad to have people who represent this notion, each project will have its own set of roles a representer will do. The growing network of representers brings endless benefits to the representer and his community at large.

How does Witty Skills operate ?

Currently headquarters are in China, that is where the fonder and co-founder stay, they are both focusing on business fields in China and are bona fide entrepreneurs. We operate as digital nomads. Every aspect of our operations are online, we are proud to pioneer cloud computing and work with online representers across the world. Loyal clients and friends who have stayed with our company keep us going, we owe it to the growing number of clients and potential investors to increase the platform. All operations are centrally managed by the founders.

What are projects ?

A Project is a plan of action done to achieve a particular aim, as a company itself, Witty Skills can have different projects such as a global issue campaign, promoting millennium development goals, educating teachers to use technology. Other Witty Skills subsidy companies can have their own projects, such as primefx which can do visual animation projects. usually each project falls under a certain company of the parent company – Witty Skills.

How do projects get selected ?

The founders determine all operations of the company, together with an advisory board of members who helped to form the company. Nominated projects get thorough analysis, depending on the scope and availability of resources will get selected to be done or not. All representers can nominate projects from time to time, we also search around the world, areas where the skills in our database can help society or benefit the company the most. Main priority is to strike a balance on serving the community and generating good investor returns.

How can one invest ?

A successful project which needs investment will be launched on kick starter or indie-gogo, other than that Investors can contact the founders directly to find out other investment options, depending on the investor interests, our various projects have different returns and outcome possibilities. There is no greater investment than investing in the future, send us a message and lets talk how we can make the future brighter together.

Can you define what you call bright future ?

This statement is one of our best mottos, we strongly believe the future is brighter than it seems, our vision of the future is empowering skills that benefit the society, earn a living, alleviate poverty, help the talented and gifted people to use their skills empowering the less privileged and in need. The world is full of bright minds that are eager to explore new ideas and bring about change for the better, Witty Skills is the platform and launchpad. We bring innovative ideas, products and services, enjoying the world and changing it for the better.

How can one form a partnership with Witty Skills ?

Partnership all depends on the project, when we have projects that need joint venture we publish on this website and inform our representers to source partners, especially in the country or region of the project. We also publish in our Witty Skills NewsPie email letters. If you have your own idea, concept, product or company that wants to work with Witty Skills, you can contact us directly and we work on the details. The scope of your idea or company objective will determine the type of partnership that can be formed with us. We like these unique opportunities and will be glad to hear your company partnership proposal.

What are the other Witty Skills companies ?

Witty Skills has subsidy companies under the same founders and team, these are primefx.net for visual graphics and animations, wittyinsights.com for our latest research and development, wizwits.com for breaking technology news, Gadget inn Films for videography, Kievamusic.com for dj,music, beats and scores, ICE for Africa centric entrepreneurship, global link for networking opportunities across the world, and Information and technology consulting. More subsidies are still under the hood and coming out soon.

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  • We worked with Gadget Inn Films to produce our University animated logos and they helped launch successful crowd funding campaigns in mid 2014, Our University has attracted a lot of investors and now we are launching Global joint ventures as far as from America. We will work with this team again very soon
  • They pioneered our corporate branding during the 2012 Open Day, attracting lots of clientele and boosted both marketing and standards at the University. We realized the huge need for such talented skills and ended up hiring an in-house advisor after working with these guys, they are going to keep us in the loop for further futuristic developments
    Mr Muchenje (Marketing and Public Relations)
    Chinhoyi University of Technology
  • They designed our logos, animated and advertised our conference in 2014, i give thumbs up to the work done, and i wouldn’t recommend anyone else
    Mr P Maposa (Former – Chairperson)
    International Pharmaceutical Students Federation

Some more Skills:

Company Launchpad Advertising & Marketing 90%
Web Development & Cloud computing 80%
Graphic Design & Animation 65%
iOS & Android Programming 45%

Some more services:


Innovative Creative Entrepreneurs, as the name implies, these are bona fide group of entrepreneurs, driving various projects, in different industries and pioneering a new era of agile development and result oriented approach

Gadget Inn Films

Video & Film Production, All the videos we produced since 2010 covering Entertainment, Co-operate events, Adverts and various latest Media under our in house studio – Gadget Inn Films

Prime FX

Graphic Design, Animation, Product Modelling, the latest in cutting edge industrial and commercial computer aided design. From the simple flyers, adverts, motion picture to the advanced product prototyping.