Innovative Creative Entrepreneurs, as the name implies, these are bona fide group of entrepreneurs, driving various projects, in different industries and pioneering a new era of agile development and result oriented approach

Gadget Inn Films

Video & Film Production, All the videos we produced since 2010 covering Entertainment, Co-operate events, Adverts and various latest Media under our in house studio – Gadget Inn Films

Prime FX

Graphic Design, Animation, Product Modelling, the latest in cutting edge industrial and commercial computer aided design. From the simple flyers, adverts, motion picture to the advanced product prototyping.


As leading Technology enthusiasts, we present our curated news feed of latest news and insights on a broad scale, keeping you in touch not only with the latest but relevant and useful information

Global Link

Linking the talented and prepared individuals in our database to global opportunities, as the saying goes, the world is bigger than the village, when information and resources are shared, efficiency is achieved greatly by attaining the best resources

ICT Consultancy

We provide the best virtual support to different Information and Technology users, from the everyday average consumer to the large scale cooperations and institutes on how to get the best out of ICT

Witty Insights

Research & Development – Ideas and concepts on current and upcoming unique products, amusing ideas, apps, games, and even latest research on human psychology. Our research is all about what will make the future brighter

Our current subsidy companies offer services ranging from Programming applications, producing life changing videos, creating awesome graphics and animation to web design and cooperate technology.

We also do Industry level projects, supply and logistics, new unique products, we have vast experience and knowledge base in most industries if not all. Our experience working with Universities, Parastatals and many private organisations has specially equipped us to:

  • Balance Academic approach & Industrial requirements

  • Master Business Administration & Entrepreneurship

  • Understand the Psychology in people & art of living

  • Identify and maximise unique Skills,Talents & Gifts

  • Produce the best Agile innovative solutions

  • Stay focused on making the future brighter

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